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This is my attempt to change the rules of L5R, to fit a High Fantasy setting. But also a way to learn how to use Obsidian Portal.

Subjects Spesific

  • Add Naga & Saurian to Site
  • Change Dawn Elf Racial Advantage
  • Absolute direction, elven exp reduction
  • Disbeliver, Allow choice between god, elemental lord and ancient fae
  • Divine Dis/Advantage change wording for new divine rules. cheaper for dwarfs
  • Blessing/Curse of Terrarro
  • Carl minion cost 38
  • Divine Spells, Terrarro, Tobbe
  • Tobbe’s Iron Elemental
  • Paragon, Strength?
  • Player Info Sheet

Crunch to do

  • Magical Bones
  • Magical Cloths
  • Magical Gemstone
  • Magical Stone
  • Magical Wood
  • Magical Leather & hides
  • magical tattoos
  • The usage of souls.
  • Rework Deity’s, make common prayers for all deity’s and specific prayers
  • Rework boons so that everyone can get them, easier for priests?
  • Hedge Mage Disadvantage
  • Add the Divination Skill
  • Rework the wording for the racial rules
  • Character Creation – Done
  • Combat, Movement and Fear – Done
  • Skills – Done
  • Advantages – Done
    Add racial cost effect
  • Disadvantages – Done
    Add racial cost effect
  • Racial Dis-Advantages – Done
  • Equipment – Working on
  • Magic – Done
    - Magical tatoos and soul magic removed until there reworked
  • Arcane Spells – Done, Rework the Keywords for spells
  • Enchantments – Done
  • Deity‚Äôs and Prayers
    - Prayer rules are done, Deity’s must be revisited again and prayer spells are still needed, Boons are removed as they should be able to target more people than just priests.
  • Nefarious Powers – Done
  • Battle Styles – Done
  • Fate and Destiny – Done
  • Renown and Status – Done
  • Magical Material
    - Working on, Metals are done
  • Crafting – Done
  • Races – Done, but will rework the wording
  • Special Rules – Done
  • Character sheet

Home Page

L5R High Fantasy Rule Rewrite Roke