Antisocial [Social] (2/4 points)
You find the presence of others uncomfortable, so much so that it is immediately obvious to those around you. Your preference for solitude causes you to behave in a manner that might best be described as rude. if you take the 2 point version of this disadvantage, you suffer a penalty of -1k0 to all social skill rolls. for 4 points, the penalty is -1k1. This Disadvantage is worth one more points to elf characters of the Snow bloodline.

Ascetic [Mental] (2 points)
You have no taste for or interest in material things, and this minimalist attitude has impacted how others view you. Your gear can only includes one weapons, one piece of armour, one set of clothing and necessary tools of the trade for your profession (such as a scroll satchel for a sage), and nothing else.

Bad Fortune [Varies] (3 points)
fate is a powerful force, and sometimes it is a destructive one as well. there is something unpleasant in store for you, and you may have no idea what it is until it is far too late. Bad fortunes take an almost infinite variety of forms, all worth the same number of points, and players and GMs should discuss the form of a Bad Fortune during character creation.

Some of the more common versions include:

  • Secret love:
    • Somewhere, someone is madly in love with you, and will go to any lengths to sabotage your romantic interests, even try to make arranged marriages, in order to ensure that you remain available, for them.
  • Disfigurement:
    • You have a birthmark of some sort that appears on a visible portion of your body. Others regard it as a clear mark of bad fortune and give you a very wide berth.
  • Allergy:
    • You are allergic to a common substance, something you come into contact with regularly, such as cotton, or fish. Its presence breaks you out in a very uncomfortable rash, which in turn makes others react poorly to your presence.
  • Lingering misfortune:
    • At some point in your future, you will fail an extremely important dice roll in a spectacularly disastrous fashion. The GM will decide when this happens, and no mechanical effect will allow you to overcome it or to circumvent it.
  • Unknown Enemy:
    • Someone, somewhere hates you, and wishes to see you dead. You have no idea who they are or why they hate you, but you will very soon.

Bad Health [Physical] (4 points)
You suffer from a chronic medical condition that constantly renders you weak and susceptible to both illness and injury. Your earth ring is considered one rank lower for the purposes of determining wound ranks and for resisting diseases.

Bitter Betrothal [Social] (2 points)
You have been promised to another, or perhaps are already married, and neither of you are at all pleased with the situation. your spouse despises you, but he or she at least has the decorum to manage your estate properly… for the most part. your mutual dislike, however, can result in tremendous difficulty with even simple domestic or bureaucratic tasks. This disadvantage is worth 3 points to imperial characters.

Blackmailed [Social] (variable)
Someone out there knows of some dark secret of yours, or some horrible indiscretion you committed in a moment of weakness. what’s worse, they intend to make you pay for it. The cost of this disadvantage is equal to your status rank. the person blackmailing you will contact you periodically and require certain things of you. you must weigh these actions against the potential danger & disgrace if your secret is discovered, and act accordingly.

Bad eyesight [Physical] (3 points)
Your eyesight is exceptionally poor, whether as a result of some medical condition or even from a missing eye. You suffer a penalty of -1k1 to all ranged attack rolls and to any perception-based rolls.

Blind [Physical] (6 points)
You possess no natural eyesight whatsoever save for a slight ability to determine light and dark. You suffer a penalty of -3k3 to all ranged attack rolls and -1k1 to melee attack rolls. Your base armour TN is equal to your reflexes trait plus 5 (armour adds bonuses as normal). your water ring is considered two ranks lower for the purposes of determining how far you may move as part of a move action. Any attempt at a simple move action requires an athletics/agility roll (TN 20) or you are knocked prone. You may not make perception rolls unless the GM judges that you can use senses other than sight for the roll.

Brash [Mental] (3 points)
You have a notoriously short temper and are likely to answer anything you perceive as a threat with steel. if you are threatened or insulted, you must make a willpower trait roll (adding your willpower rank to the total) at a TN of 25, or you will attack immediately.

Can’t Lie [Mental] (2 points)
You are psychologically incapable of telling a lie, perhaps because it has been so thoroughly drilled into your nature by your family. Not only can you not tell a lie, but if someone in your presence tells a lie and you know that it is untrue, You must succeed at a willpower trait roll (TN 20) or immediately correct them. this can cause untold difficulty in court settings and can lead to complete disgrace if you are not careful.

Compulsion [Mental] (2-4 points)
There is some activity in which you are hopelessly compelled to partake. It is a ritual that is so ingrained in your behaviour that it requires a feat of will to forsake it, even in dire circumstances. This may be something illicit and addictive, such as alcohol or gambling, or it may be as innocuous as visiting every temple you pass. The basic disadvantage requires a willpower trait roll of TN 15 to overcome. The TN of the roll increases by 5 for every additional point gained by the disadvantage, to a maximum of TN 25 (4 points).

Contrary [Mental] (3 points)
Your strong will and rigid view of the world insists not only that you develop an opinion on everything, but that you must share it at every opportunity. During any debate or dispute, or even casual discussion, you feel compelled to weigh in and attempt to persuade others to see the matter from your point of view. In any tense situation, you must succeed at a willpower trait roll to avoid taking action, whether to resolve a conflict physically or simply to interject into an argument. The TN for this roll can vary widely, and should be determined by the GM (typically somewhere between 5 and 25). This Disadva-ntage is worth one more points to Dwarf, orc and elfs of the moon bloodline.

Debt [Social] (2/4/8 points)
Whether through bad luck or simple imprudence, at some point you found yourself short of money and “solved” this problem by taking out a loan, either from a wealthy merchant, noble or one of your fellow peers. You are expected to repay this loan, and until you do, the shame of your indebted state hangs over you. For 2 points, your debt is equivalent to one quarter of your yearly stipend – a small amount, but you will have to save carefully to repay it. For 4 points, you owe your entire yearly stipend, and for 8 points, you owe substantially more than that. The effect of others learning about your debt varie, you will at a minimum gain Infamy (probably at least a Rank, more if your debt is large) and your fellow peers may come to look down on you; if you’re in serves to someone they may also disapprove of your irresponsibility. In the long term, a persistently indebted person may be publicly shamed, losing Status or worse. Even if you keep the debt secret, your creditor may decide to use it to pressure you into doing things on his behalf (this should be handled by the GM through role-play). This Disadvantage is worth one additional point for Dusk Elf characters.

Disturbing Countenance [Physical] (2 points)
Something about your appearance causes others to respond to you with concern and caution. You are not unattractive, there is just something disturbing about you, such as a sailor tattoos, a large scar or a odd walk. The TN of all your Speech, Temptation, Etiquette skill rolls is increased by +5.

Divine Curse [Divine] (4 points)
One of the many Deities has found your behaviour unacceptable, and visited his or her wrath upon you. This curse manifests itself in a very real way, and few are ever able to placate beings as powerful and as fickle a Deity.

  • Amira’s curse:
    • The Goddess of love has forsaken you utterly, and others find your company unpleasant as a result. the TN of any speech or etiquette roll you make is increased by +10.
  • Urrvo’s curse:
    • The God of strength finds you offensive to his divine essence, and has denied you his domain. Your strength is considered one rank lower for determining the damage roll of any weapon you wield.
  • Uthor’s curse:
    • The God of Merchants finds you unpleasant, and as a result all your mercantile interests come to very little. you suffer a penalty of -1k1 to all commerce rolls, and any coins you earn are reduced by 10%.
  • Ogina’s curse:
    • The Goddess of honest work finds you a distrustful soul, and others can instinctively sense the aura of mistrust surrounding you. You suffer penalty of -1k1 on all social skill rolls made with any Peasants, Common folk, Free folk.
  • Woreniu’s curse:
    • The God of Knowledge has denied you his blessings, and you find yourself none the wiser for it. When making a lore skill roll, your TN is increased by +5.
  • Ovdal’s curse:
    • The God of Alcohol considers you to be an insult to him and has removed the positive effects of intoxication and your more susceptible to poison, it is 25% more effective than normal.
  • Tovo’s curse:
    • The God of Crows has found you wanting and has removed the element of surprise from you. Any damage to a target that is unaware of your presence you don’t explode on a natural 10.
  • Terraro:
    • The Elemental Lord of Earth finds you weak and wavering. As punishment he has weakened your purchase with the earth. When you must make a roll to keep your balance you must call two raises that grant no additional effects and when you’re the target of the knockdown/knockback maneuver the one doing the maneuver is granted a free raise, this free raise is also granted against any animal you are riding.

Dark Secret [Varies] (5 points)
You possess some horrific secret that could lead not only to your ruination, but perhaps others in your family or circle of friends as well. It may be something terrible you have learned about a noble family that you alone know (if a ancestor was a demon worshipper), or something you personally have done (you may be a member of the demon cult). if your secret is exposed, you will be executed.

Dependent [Social] (varies)
Someone who is largely incapable of defending himself or herself requires you to look after them. this may be an elderly relative, a naïve spouse, or a small child. The point value of this disadvantage varies depending upon how helpless the individual is and how frequently they appear in the campaign. A small child completely dependent upon you for everything might cost 5 or 6 points, while a spouse who is independent but whom you must consider before all major decisions might be worth 2 or 3 points. This Disadvantage is worth one more points to Ogre, Goblin and Gob characters.

Disbeliever [Mental] (3 points)
You have experienced a dramatic revelation that has shattered your faith in a deity or one of the three types of Deities. Perhaps you believe a specific Deity have no interest in mortals or that all Gods, Elemental Sovereigns or Elder Fae has no concern for the life of the faithful, if your disbelief were made public knowledge, you would be shunned by all properly pious individuals that worship that Deity or that type of Deities, and any memberships you possess would be instantly revoked. Your lack of piety makes you uncomfortable around the followers of your chosen Deity or deity type, and any social skill rolls made with them have their TN increased by +5.

Doubt [Mental] (4 points)
Something has happened to cause you to question one of your skills, so much so that it interferes with your ability to perform it properly. Select one of your skills. Every time you use this skill, you must declare one raise that confers no benefit.

Driven [Mental] (2 points)
You are possessed by some goal, and will sacrifice almost anything to accomplish it, even your family, friends, material possessions, and even life mean nothing compared to the potential completion of this goal, whatever it may be.

Enemy of the … [Social] (Various)
You are well known among some circles, but not in the manner you might wish. Rather than being known for your valour and your courage, you are known for being an enemy of that group. This reputation may not be deserved, but it is widespread enough that it no longer matters if it is true. When meeting citizens of that certain group the TN for them to recognize you, as determined by your Renown Rank, is lowered by 10.

  • Peasants (2 Points)
  • Common folk (3 Points)
  • Free folk (3 Points)
  • Thieves (3 Points)
  • Bandits (4 Points)
  • Nobles (5 Points)
  • Religion (specify) (6 Points)

Fascination [Mental] (1 points)
You are completely fascinated by some subject, and will go to great lengths to learn more about it or to experience it in new ways. Typical subjects of a noble for example may be a fascination include music, horses, poetry, and history. This fascination badly impedes your judgement, and you will take even deadly actions to learn more, which could end really badly for you.

Fearful [Mental] (4/8/12)
Your bones are easily rattled and you get scared more often than not, for every rank you have, you count any creature with a fear rating as having an additional fear rating equal to the number of ranks you have in this disadvantage.

Frail mind [Mental](3 points)
You have difficulty concentrating, even when focusing your attention on an opponent. whenever you make a contested roll using willpower, your opponent gains a bonus of +2k0.

Hedge Mage [Arcane] (8 points)
Most who study the arcane have a competent or knowledgable teacher that is able to pass on the necessary understanding and respect, in order to use the arcane arts effectively and safely. But you ether taught yourself or the one that imparted the knowledge to you lacked the required understanding. Whatever the reason for your poor schooling you lack the same basic understanding of how to use the arcane skilfully. When ever you cast a spell with a Mastery Rank higher then your Spellcraft Skill minus two, roll 1d10 on the table bellow.

  1. The spell fizzles, and nothing happens.
  2. Raises apply to different effects (determined by the GM). If no Raises are made, the spell fizzles.
  3. Halve the final effect of the spell, rounded down.
  4. Double the final effect of the spell, rounded up.
  5. The spell fizzles, but you retain all the spell slots used for the spell.
  6. The spell causes a arcane backlash and wounds the caster, dealing a number of wounds equal to the spells mastery level. If the spell failed, it deals twice that amount.
  7. The Caster loses a number of spells slots equal half the spells mastery level, in addition to those needed to cast the spell.
  8. The target/s of the spell is changed, decided by the GM. If it’s a touch spell, it fizzles.
  9. The spell backfires, affecting the target negatively, or having the opposite of the intended effect in the case of a beneficial spell.
  10. Halve the TN on the next spell you cast, but roll twice on this table. If you roll this again then that spells TN is doubled.

Greedy [Mental] (3 points)
Material wealth is more important to you than anything else. Opponents attempting to use temptation (bribery) rolls against you gain a bonus of +1k1 to the total of the roll.

Gullible [Mental] (4 points)
Your trust is given easily and you place tremendous faith in those whom you trust, unfortunately making it very simple for others to take advantage of your naïve nature. Opponents attempting to use a Speech against you gain a bonus of +1k1 to the total of their rolls.

Idealistic [Mental](4/6 points)
You adhere closely to your own personal code, perhaps too closely, and you have a hard to go against this code. When you take this disadvantage you choice a type of code (never hurt the unarmed, help the poor, etc) you can only go against your code if beat a willpower roll against a TN of 25. If you take the 6 point disadvantage then you will also get a -2k0 on all rolls, out of great shame for breaking it and it will only be removed when you atone for breaking it, how is up to you. But it should be lengthy and difficult.

Insensitive [Mental] (2 points)
Your primary interest is in yourself and things that you care about. The plight of others simply does not interest you, and you find it difficult to pretend otherwise. With the exception of those who contribute directly to your well being, such as a noble you serve, you must roll a willpower roll against a TN of 15 to place yourself at risk for the welfare of any other person unless there is an immediate benefit for you personally.

Jealousy [Mental] (3 points)
You are obsessed with outperforming another individual in order to prove that you deserve all the things he has, things you perceive as superior to your own. Choose one other pc or a major npc in your campaign. You are obsessed with overcoming them at all costs, and will go to any lengths to do so. once you have bested the target of your jealousy, your nature will cause you to become jealous of someone else.

Lechery [Social] (2 points)
Physical pleasure is a weakness of yours, and you spend considerable time pursuing it. When an opponent makes a temptation (seduction) roll against you, he gains a bonus of +1k1to the total of his roll.

Loss of Sense [Physical] (1/3)
You where born with out a form sense or lost it later in life, any sense like smell, taste, touch, hearing and listening that was lost at birth are worth 3 points, where as a losing once sense in the leg due to nerve damage is worth 1.

Lost Love [Mental] (3 points)
You shared a bond of true love with someone once, and have since lost it. This need not be romantic love, as familial or brotherly love lost is equally tragic. You tend to suffer bouts of melancholy when reminded of your lost love. When you are reminded of your loss, all your TNs are increased by 5 until you make a willpower roll against a TN of 15 to regain your focus. This disruption of your concentration cannot happen more than twice per day, and at least one hour must pass between instances. This Disadvantage is worth one more points to Elf and half-elf’s characters.

Low Pain Threshold [Physical] (4 points)
Your ability to focus in the face of pain is less than that of others. the TN penalties you suffer due to wound ranks are increased by +5 each rank.

Mangled Limb [Physical] (3)
One of your limbs have bin damaged in such a way that you can’t use it to one hundred percent. If it was your leg that was damaged, then your water ring is considered 1 for purposes of determining movement and any agility based roll with that limb has it’s TN increased by 10. If it was an arm then any agility based roll has it’s TN increased by 10 when your using that arm.

Missing Limb [Physical] (6 points)
One of your limbs is missing, either through catastrophic injury or due to an unfortunate defect of your birth. You suffer a penalty of +10 to all TNs involving the use of the limb missing. For example, wielding a two-handed weapon with only one arm would have a +10 to all TNs, but an athletics (running) skill roll would not, unless you are missing a leg.

Nightmares [Mental] (3 or 5 points)
You suffer from horrible nightmares every time you sleep. They are so disturbing that they often affect you well into the next day. Every night, roll one die. On a result of 6-10. If the die comes up 1-5, you gain one rank of Fatigue. This Fatigue point don’t disappear until you get a full night of uninterrupted rest. As a 5-point Disadvantage, the character suffers the effects of the Nightmares unless a 9-10 is rolled on the die.

No Sense of Strength [Physical] (4)
When handling anything with your hands or in general when using your own strength to do anything, your unable to hold back at all, is some one throws you a vase you might crush it when catching it. And you can’t hold back how much strength you uses when fighting. When rolling damage roll you must always take the highest dices rolled and even when trying to hold back and not deal deadly damage, you need to make a pure strength test. If you fail against a TN of 30 then you deal normal deadly damage. This Disadvantage is worth one more points to Orc, half-orc and Ogre characters.

Null [Arcane] (+10)
Arcane magic has no effect on you, all Arcane spells that target you fizzle and fail, of course you still take damage from indirect spells like fire ball or similar spells that would hurt you indirectly.

Obligation [Social] (3/6 points)
There is someone one whom you are indebted or for whom you must fulfil some significant duty. the nature of this debt can vary considerably, but when it comes due, nothing else matters. You must honour it, even if it leads to your ruination or death. The first level of this disadvantage is a relatively minor matter that nevertheless demands your full attention. the second level represents a major, significant obligation that could potentially damage your reputation if you do not devote considerable time and resources to fulfilling it, you might even lose your life. This Disadvantage is worth one more points to Dwarf characters.

Obtuse [Mental] (3 points)
The point of many fine things simply escapes you. poetry, art, music… it all seems meaningless to you. The experience point cost for increasing any such skill other than investigation or medicine is doubled.

Overconfident [Mental] (3 points)
You possess a grossly inflated view of your own prowess, and are often incapable of recognizing when a situation is beyond your ability to handle. when outnumbered or facing a clearly superior enemy (be it battle or other), you must succeed at a perception trait roll (TN 20) in order to recognize the situation for what it is and leave instead of engaging. This Disadvantage is worth one more points to Orc characters.

Permanent Wound [Physical] (4 points)
Some wounds will not heal, not matter how often they are treated or by what means. Your first wound rank is always filled and these wounds can not be removed or healed unless using powerful magic or divine power.

Phobia [Mental] (1-3 points)
You possess an irrational fear that you cannot overcome, no matter how much you struggle to convince yourself that there is no reason behind it. When confronted with the object of your phobia, all of your TNs are increased by +5 for every point you possess in this disadvantage.

Rumourmonger [Social] (4 points)
You cannot resist the temptation to spread rumours and gossip, no matter how ridiculous or outlandish they might seem. When presented with an opportunity to spread rumours, to resist doing so you must succeed at a willpower trait roll with a TN equal to 5x the Status rank of the highest-Status individual involved in the rumour. This Disadvantage is worth one more points to Goblin and Gob characters.

Shame [Mental] (2 points)
You have such low self-esteem that it affects your performance. This may be the result of an actual shame in your past, or perhaps you simply think yourself worthless. You must declare at least one Raise to gain the benefit of any Free Raises your character might receive.

Small [Physical] (3 points)
You are noticeably smaller than average for a member of your racial. As a result, your water ring is considered one rank lower for determining the distance of your move actions (your not effect if your playing a ogre), and you suffer a penalty of -1k0 on the damage rolls of all your melee attacks. you may not take the large advantage.

Soft-Hearted [Mental] (2 points)
Life is precious to you, so much so that you have difficulty to kill others. when faced with the opportunity to kill another being, you must succeed at a willpower trait roll (TN 20), or you are unable to do so. If you do kill another, the TNs of all your rolls are increased by +10 for one day as you are wrecked with guilt. This penalty is not cumulative with multiple deaths. This disadvantage could potentially also apply to killing animals, beasts or even monsters, although the experience point value should be increased in such cases. This Disadvantage is worth one more points to elf and half-elf characters.

Spell Affliction [Arcane] (4)
You suffer from a semi-common condition that causes you to become sickened and nauseated when you’re targeted by a Arcane Spell. When you are the target of a spell, regardless if it’s beneficial or harmful, you become Dazed until the next Reaction Stage or until the spells duration ends, unless you beat a Earth Ring roll against a TN of 30. If you roll below 5, you must spend four rounds puking.

Sworn Enemy [Social] (1/2/4 points)
You have earned an enemy, one who will stop at nothing to see you defeated or even killed. The basic version of this advantage assumes that your enemy is of equal power. A enemy that’s 50% more power full than your enemy possesses, increase the value of this disadvantage by 1. For 2 additional points, the enemy becomes your Fated nemesis, and you may not spend Fate or destiny points when opposing him or her in any situation.

Unattractive [Physical] (3 points)
Your looks are bellow average and thus the TN of all your social skill rolls is increased by +5

Unlucky [Varies] (2 points per rank)
Some have an easier time in life, you on the other hand have a harder time. A number of times per session equal to your rank in this disadvantage, the GM may force you to immediately re-roll one roll, keeping the second roll in all cases.

Ugly [Physical] (6 points)
You are truly unsightly. All your TN of all your social skill rolls is increased by +10

Weakness [Physical] (6 points)
You have a significant weakness of some sort, either physical or mental, that is difficult to overcome even under ideal circumstances. select one trait. that trait is treated as if it were one rank lower for the purposes of all rolls and trait-based mechanical effects.


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