Absolute direction [Mental] (1 points)
You possess an almost supernatural sense of direction, and you always know what direction is north, no matter the circumstances. this ability does not function if you are more than one day’s travel in a great cave or magically effected place. Elf’ and half-elf’ characters of the Wood & Dawn bloodline gain this Advantage for free.

Allies [Social] (variable cost)
You have carefully nurtured social connections. Some of those in your web of connections would go to great lengths to protect you, while others have considerable resources. and some precious few are both. the total cost of this advantage is determined by how many points you spend on your ally’s degree of influence and their devotion to you.

Influence Devotion
1 point Minor (no land or appointments) 1 point Your ally would go out of his way to help you, but not something to risky
2 points Moderate (some land or political influence). 2 points Your ally would do dangerous things bot not something that would in danger his life.
4 points Major (good chunk of lands or prestigious appointments). 4 points Your ally would do anything to aid you, regardless of the cost.

Ambidextrous [Physical] (10)
You are able to use both your hands equally well. Reduce the penalty for dual wielding small or medium weapons by 5 to a total of 0 for small weapons and -5 for medium weapons. Large weapons are unaffected.

Attractive [Physical] (4 points)
Your looks are above average granting you a bonus of 1k0 on all Speech, Temptation, Etiquette when dealing with someone that finds you attractive. This advantage effects all mortal races, but it’s left to GM discretion if a particular race should finds you alluring.

Beautiful / Handsome [Physical] (6 points)
Your elegant looks occasionally makes people turn their heads, granting you a bonus of 1k1 on all Speech, Temptation, Etiquette when dealing with someone that finds you attractive. This advantage effects all mortal races, but it’s left to GM discretion if a particular race should finds you alluring.

Blackmail [Social] (variable)
You possess knowledge and proof of a dark secret held by another, and can use that secret to elicit their cooperation in a number of ways. the cost of the advantage is equal to the status rank of the individual whom you are blackmailing. Using this advantage too frequently or making grandiose demands on the person in question may result in them deciding your death is worth the risk of exposing their secret, no matter what the consequences might be.

Bland [Physical] (2 points)
You are extremely unremarkable in every regard, and others have a difficult time recognizing you unless you deliberately draw attention to your identity or affiliations. Whenever someone is making a Renown roll to determine your identity by fame, or a Intelligence roll to determine your identity, you may voluntarily choose to increase the TN of that roll by 10.

Blissful betrothal [Social] (3 points)
Your marriage has been arranged and, much to your delight, you have come to truly love your intended spouse. the social connections you have established as part of your enthusiastic marriage preparations allow you to purchase the following advantages for two points less each (to a minimum of 1 point): Gentry, Ties of Fate (with your betrothed only), Social Position and Wealth.

Brave [Mental] (Points +4 Per. rank)
You don’t fright easily and stand strong in the face of fear and terror. For every rank in this advantage decreases the Fear rating of a enemy by one, to a minimum of zero.

Clear thinker [Mental] (3 points)
You possess a sharp mind and keen powers of perception, making it very difficult for others to deceive you. Whenever you make a contested roll against someone who is attempting to confuse or manipulate you in any way, you gain a bonus of +1k0 to the total of your roll.

Crafty [Mental] (3 points)
You have a knack for instinctively knowing how to do things that most people prefer to avoid at all costs. whenever you are in a situation where you would be forced to make an unskilled roll using the Sleight of hand, Stealth, Forgery, Intimidation or Temptation skill, you are considered to have 1 rank in the skill instead for the purpose of exploding dice.

Contact [Social] (2-5 points)
You know a person with a certain set of skills, knowledge or influence. He’s not your friend, that would be the Allies Advantage, but he’s willing to help you for a favour, a trade or straight up cash. Your contact might not always be available, he has his own life after all. But when he is, he’s will at least listen to you. When purchasing this Advantage decide where your contact lives (you can only contact him when your there), who he is and what he does. A mortal contact costs 2 experience points, while a non-mortal being, such as a Spirit or Elemental would cost 5 experience points.

Daredevil [Mental] (3 points)
You have a natural flair for athleticism and a complete lack of self-preservation when it comes to physical danger. Whenever you spend a Fate point to enhance an athletics skill roll, you gain a bonus of +3k1 to the total of the roll instead of the normal +1k1.

Darling of the Court [Social] (2 points)
During a recent court session, you did something that gained the notice of the host, resulting in an instant increase in your importance with all those in attendance. select one Court or city. When in attendance at this court, your status is effectively one rank higher, but only while court is in session. You may take this advantage multiple times for different courts, but only once for each particular court.

Elemental Resistance [Physical] (4 points)
You are immune to any penalties or damage from natural weather conditions, such as winter cold, summer heat, etc. If you suffer damage from a spell that employs natural forces (Example a mighty storm created by hurricane.), reduce the damage by 1k1. Dwarfs & Ogre characters may purchase this Advantage for 1 point less.

Empowered Element [Physical/Mental/Arcane] (10 points)
You are more aligned to one of the five elements than others. Chose one Ring, you gain a bonus of +1k1 to the total of all rolls using that ring or associated traits.

Exotic Beauty [Physical] (1 or 4 points)
You possess a certain quality that makes you more attractive to the other races. You gain a bonus of +1k0 to the total of all temptation skill rolls made against a person who is of one particular race other than yours for one point. For 4 points this advantage will effect all races. But it’s left to GM discretion if a particular person finds you Attractive. Humans, elf, half-elf or half-orc characters may purchase this Advantage for 1 point less, down to a minimum of one.

Fame [Social] (3 Points/Tank)
As a result of your actions, there are many in the world who know your name. This Advantage may be purchased multiple times, increasing your Renown by one rank each time.

Favoured Soul [Divine] (4 points)
One of the many Deity’s has taken notice of you and showered you with his or her Favour. These can be powerful blessings, but sometimes come with expectations. Deity’s are fickle and can be quite wrathful, after all. If you want a blessing from a Deity not from this list talk to your GM and work with him to make a new one. Dwarven characters may purchase this Advantage for 1 point less if it’s from a God or Goddess.

  • Amira’s Favour:
    • The Goddess of love has showered you with her favour. Whenever you are attempting to persuade someone, regardless of the circumstances, you gain a bonus of +0k1 to the total of the skill roll in question.
  • Urrvo’s Favour: (5 points)
    • The God of strength has taken notice of your might, and has favoured you with his favour. Whenever you declare and make three successful raises on an attack roll for the purposes of the increased damage maneuver, you gain one additional raise. Free raises do not count toward activating this effect. You also gain a bonus of +1k0 to the total of any strength trait rolls.
  • Uthor’s Favour:
    • The God of merchants has favoured you with his patronage, and you excel in matters pertaining to wealth and mercantile pursuits. you gain a bonus of +1k1 to the total of all commerce skill rolls.
  • Ogina’s Favour:
    • You have captured the attention of the Goddess of honest work, and her favour is clear to those who serve him best. You gain a bonus of +1k1 to the total of all Dialogue skill rolls made with citizens, such as Peasants, Common folk, Free folk who are not members of the Noble or ruling caste.
  • Worenius Favour:
    • The God of Knowledge’s favours you and you reap the benefits of his patronage. select one lore skill when you purchase this advantage. Whenever you make a skill roll using that skill, you gain a bonus of +1k1 to the total of that roll. This Favoured Soul Advantage cost one less for all elf’s except Pit Elfs.
  • Ovdal’s Favour: (5 points)
    • The God of Beverages has decided that you will gain his favour. You do not suffer any negative effect from drinking alcohol and you also have a slight resistance against poison, it is 25% less effective than normal and affects all parts of the poison.
  • Tovo’s Favour:
    • The God of Crows has decided to favour you for what ever reason, when ever you deal damage to a target that is unaware of your presence you may chose to re-roll that damage roll. You must keep the higher of the two
  • Terraro’s Favour:
    • The Elemental Sovreign of Earth has blessed you with great purchase to the earth. When you must make a roll to keep your balance you receive a bonus of 1k1 and when your targeted by the knockdown/knockback manoeuvre the one making the manoeuvre must call one additional raise to knock you over. The need for an additional raise is also applied to any creature that you ride.

Fearless [Mental] (5 Points)
You are that rarest of people, one born without fear, ready to always fight rather than back down and flee. You gain +3k3 when resisting Fear effects. You are also unable to flee from combat.

Fleet of Foot [Physical] (6)
Your faster than most, count your water ring as one higher for calculating moment.

Forbidden knowledge [Mental] (5 points)
There is a subject about which you possess considerable knowledge and insight. the problem is that this subject is forbidden or at least considered forbidden. Its also considered highly socially inappropriate, most of these knowledge’s are outright illegal. Anyone who discovers your expertise in this area might rightly wonder how you came upon it, and perhaps will assume that you are a practitioner of said knowledge. The benefits of the advantage vary depending upon the nature of the information, your allowed to great your own type but players should discuss with their GM how there own advantage will work. The most common examples of forbidden knowledge include:

  • Blood Magic:
    • You are familiar with the controversial magic type, blood magic. You gain 1 rank in Spellcraft: Blood Magic. Use SpellCraft: Blood Magic when calculating the number of starting spells.
  • Nagmar:
    • You have intricate knowledge of the Cannibal God, Nagmar and how to ask for his blessing if you wish. This knowledge is considered quite blasphemous and if you activity worship him you will be in great danger. Pri-ests of other gods will actively try to kill you if it’s know-n. You gain 1 rank in Religion and the Emphasis Nagmar or one Rank in Lore: Nagmar, you can only pick one.
  • The Foe from Beyond:
    • You have a good knowledge of what the Gods fled from. How they function and how to summon them, as well as binding and make them serve you. You gain the skill Lore: Foe from Beyond and one rank in it.
  • The Void Beast:
    • You have intricate knowledge of the Ancient Fae known simply as The Void Beast and how to ask for it’s blessing if you dare. This knowledge is considered very dangerous and if you openly worship him you will face danger from many different places. You gain 1 rank in Religion and the Emphasis Void Beast.

Friend of a Nature Being [Social] (5/10/15 Points)
A Spirit, Fae or Elemental has befriended you, and stays in your vicinity when ever possible. This Nature Being helps you in different ways but always fitting with it’s nature. For example a summer dryad leaves fruits or healing salves, a fire elemental will allow it’s friend to use it for cooking food and so on. This Nature Being will stop helping you if you ever try to force it to go against it’s nature, hurt it willingly or knowingly. For five points the Nature Being will be young, akin to a small Elemental or low ranking Fae. For ten points it will be something closer to a proper Elemental, Fae or Spirit. For fifteen your friend is a proper Elemental, Fae or Spirit. Not the most powerful, but force to be reckoned with. Dawn Elf characters may purchase this Advantage for 1 point less.

Great Destiny [Divine] (5 or 10 points)
Your Destiny is meant to be great and it will conspire to keep you alive, no matter what, until your destiny can be fulfilled. Once per session, when you suffer wounds that would kill you, you are reduced to a single wound remaining instead. this will only happen once per session, as there are limits to the extent that the power of destiny will effect. If you purchase the ten point advantage then you may burn one destiny point instead of two to remain alive.

Great Potential [Varies] (5 points)
within you lies the potential to excel at one particular endeavour, perhaps more so than any other living soul in the world. select any one skill when you purchase this advantage. when you make raises on a skill roll using that skill, your raises are limited by your rank in that skill instead of the associated Trait ring. If your Trait ring is higher, however, you may use that as a measure for your raises if you so choose.

Hands of Stone [Physical] (6 points)
Some have a natural talent for unarmed combat, and you are one such individual. the damage rolls for your unarmed attacks are increased by +0k1. Ogre characters may purchase this Advantage for 1 point less.

Heartless [Mental] (4 points)
You have a heart of stone. Attempts to woo you or sway your hearth through love, courtesy, compassion, or mercy fall on deaf ears. You gain a +1k0 bonus to rolls made to resist any Speech or temptation roll made for the purpose of persuading you, seducing you, or otherwise changing your mind.

Heart of vengeance [Social] (5 points)
One person, city or country etc. has earned your eternal, undying hatred, and nothing will ever quench your rage. select one faction or person (such as the Priesthood of Gaia etc.) when purchasing this advantage. you gain a bonus of +1k1 to the total of any contested roll made against a member of that faction or person. Pit Elf characters may purchase this Advantage for 2 point less, but they must chose the god Worenius as there target.

Hero of the … [Social] (Various)
Although your reputation among your fellow people may not be any better than that of the next individual, your actions have garnered the adoration of a certain type of group with in the land. When meeting citizens of that certain group the TN for them to recognize you, as determined by your Renown Rank, is lowered by 10.

  • Peasants/Serfs_(2 Points)_
  • Common/Free folk (3 Points)
  • Thieves (3 Points)
  • Lawless folk (4 Points)
  • Religion (specify) (4 Points)
  • Nobles (Pick one House) (6 Points)

Higher purpose [Mental] (3 points)
There is some purpose to which you have devoted your life. This is not a simple matter, but some grand work that will take years or perhaps even the whole of your life to accomplish. whatever this goal is, during any session in which you and the GM agree you have made demonstrable progress toward it, you gain one additional experience point.

Holdings [Material](Variable)
By some mean you have acquired land to rule over, be it from being declared head of new noble line or through ruthless conquest. It’s success or failure lies in your hands. The number of points assigned to this advantage determines the size of your land as well as what community dwells on it.

Land Community
Size Cost Type Cost
1 Mil 2 Points Hamlet 8 Points
2 Mil 4 Points Small Village 10 Points
3 Mil 6 Points Village 12 Points
4 Mil 8 Points Large Village 14 Points
5 Mil 10 Points Small Town 16 Points
6 Mil 12 Points Town 18Points
7 Mil 14 Points Large Town 20Points
8 Mil 16 Points Small City 22 Points
9 Mil 18 Points City 24 Points
10 Mil 20 Points Large City 26 Points

Inner Calm [Mental] (2 points)
You possess an inherent calm and serenity that others have difficulty overcoming when attempting to antagonize or taunt you. Any roll made to resist intimidation or temptation, you add an additional +1k0 to the roll.

Inheritance [Material] (5 points)
You have inherited a object of great importance to your family, clan, bloodline etc. whenever you make a skill roll using this item, such as a perform: Flute roll with a flute, a games: chess roll with a chess set, or a sword roll with a long sword, you gain a bonus of +1k1 to the roll. This bonus does not apply to any damage rolls, only attack rolls and only if the player is using the inherited weapon, players and GMs may agree to allow a more powerful or unique item to be inherited for a higher experience point cost. Such special cases should be discussed carefully beforehand to ensure fairness and balance.

Inner gift [Varies] (7 points)
You possess a mysterious gift that even priests and mages cannot fully understand. Your gift may be a manifestation of the divine, perhaps an indicator of unique ancestry, or any of a number of different theories. The exact nature of an inner gift should be discussed with the GM before taking this advantage. You can of course create your own. Examples of inner gifts include the following

Gift effect

  • Animal ken [Mental/Arcane/Divine]
    • You may instinctively sense the mood of animals with out having to roll and all animals regard you as friendly, unless agitated or attacked by you. You also Gain a +1k0 bonus to all Animal Handling and Horsemanship Skill Rolls, and any Social Skill Rolls made with animals.
  • Empathy [Mental]
    • You gain a bonus of +1k1 to Speech rolls made to determine another’s feelings/desires. This can be done anywhere as a Free Action in order to gain the upper hand in combat or at court.
  • Foresight [Mental/Arcane/Divine]
    • You are difficult to surprise, in battle or during social events and gain a bonus of +1k0 to the total of initiative rolls. When your in a situations where time is of the essence your allowed additional time to think and plan. Exactly how much is left up to the GM.
  • Prophecy [Divine]
    • It is difficult to tell normal dreams from prophecy, and often the truth isn’t apparent until the prophesied time is nearly at hand. Once per session, you may roll one die. On a result of 8, 9, or 10 you have recently had a prophetic dream about events near at hand, which the GM should describe. Keep in mind that these are dreams, and may be confusing or metaphorical.
  • Scio-Oculus [Arcane]
    • Also known as Seeing Eyes, you have the ability to see the magic that penetrates everything. Aura’s of mages, priests, holy warriors, blessings, curses, magical objects or magical places are also laid bare for you. Some are harder to notice and requires a Investigation (notice) \ Perception roll or a straight up Perception Roll.

Irreproachable [Mental] (2 points)
You have a soul of virtue that is beyond reproach, and others find it difficult if not impossible to lead you into dishonourable behaviour. when making a contested roll where the other party is using the temptation skill, you gain a bonus of +1k0 to your roll.

Languages [Mental] (5)
You have spent time with an other language and have learned how to speak and if you have the calligraphy skill you can write it. When purchasing this advantage choice one languages associated with a race, Elven, Dwarven, Orcish, Goblin tongue, Ogre speak etc. Ogre characters may purchase this Advantage for 1 point less.

Large [Physical] (4 points)
You are significantly larger than the average person of your race, your current maximum height is increased by 25%. Finally you gain a bonus of +1k0 to the total of all damage rolls for any large melee weapon.

Leadership [Social] (6 points)
You have an innate knack for leading and inspiring others in battle. once per round during the reactions stage, you may add your intelligence ring plus 1k1 to the initiative score of one ally in a skirmish. this bonus lasts until the reactions stage of the following round. An individual may only benefit from one use of this advantage per round.

Luck [Varies] (3/6/9 points)
You have always bin a bit luckier than everyone else. A number of times per session equal to your rank in this advantage, you may choose to immediately re-roll any one roll you make, keeping the higher of the two results.

Magic resistance [Arcane] (2/4/6 points)
For reasons beyond your understanding, magical energies have a hard time effecting you in any way. For each rank you possess in this advantage, all spells targeting you have the TN of the casting roll increased by +3.

Magic Soul [Arcane] (12)
Your soul is filled with Magic, thus you can cast more spells per day than your peers. You add half your magic ring rounded up, to your magic ring when calculating the number of spell slots you have available.

Noble spouse [Social] (5 points)
You have successfully married a spouse who is a noble or at least is of noble descent. This will mark you as a noble and you gain +0.5 status ranks, and gain a bonus of +1k1 to the total of all social skill rolls made with members of that particular nobility. You must pick where your spouse is from when you take this advantage.

Paragon [Mental] (8 points)
Your strong belief in one of the following categories have made you in to a model of excellence in that specific field.

  • Control: Re-roll any social skill roll once.
  • Determination: Negate all wound penalties on one skill or spell casting roll once per turn.
  • Insight: Re-roll any roll that used the awareness trait once.
  • Knowledge: Re-roll any roll that used the intelligence trait once.
  • Perfection: Spending a Fate point causes any one die of your choice on a skill roll to explode once.
  • Strength: Re-roll any damage roll once per turn.
  • Will: You may add twice your willpower rank to all Willpower rolls
  • Compassion: Any time you spend a Fate point to improve a roll made to directly help those lower than you, you gain +3k2 instead of +1k1.
  • Courage: You add a bonus of +3k1 to the total of any roll made to resist intimidation or to overcome fear effects.
  • Courtesy: Any time you make an etiquette roll to avoid an embarrassment you add +3k0 to the roll.
  • Duty: You may spend a Fate point on any skill roll to negate all TN penalties for that skill, including wound penalties, for the rest of the Skirmish or scene.
  • Honesty: On any Speech roll, you add a +2k2 bonus as long as your trying to tell them the real truth, not subjective but the honest to the Gods real truth.

Precise memory [Mental] (3 points)
You have an incredible ability to recall exactly things you have seen or heard. In any situation where you need to remember something exactly the way it was, whether the wording of something you read or the details of a person’s physical appearance, you add a bonus of +1k1 to your intelligence trait roll.

Quick [Physical] (6 points)
You can react quickly to others, seizing advantage where previously there had been none. if you did not act first during a combat round, during the reactions stage of combat you may add your reflexes trait to the total of your initiative score for all subsequent rounds of this skirmish. This may done each round that you did not act first. Goblin and Gob characters may purchase this Advantage for 1 point less.

Quick healer [Physical] (3 points)
Your body mends incredibly quickly, allowing you to recover from even devastating wounds with amazing speed. for the purposes of recovering wounds, your stamina is considered to be two ranks higher. Orc, Half-orc’s, Goblin and Gob characters may purchase this Advantage for 1 point less.

Read lips [Mental] (4 points)
either through natural ability or incredible patience and practice, you have the ability to understand what others are saying even if you cannot hear them, simply by observing how their lips move. when you are in a situation where others are speaking and you cannot hear them, you can understand what they are saying by making a perception trait roll against TN 15 + 5 for every six meters away from you the speakers are.

Sage [Mental] (5 points)
You have a love of learning, and have accumulated a staggering amount of information during the course of your lifetime. Whenever you would be forced to make an unskilled roll when using a lore skill, you instead are considered to have 1 rank in that skill for the purpose of exploding dice. You can not use this advantage too know things from the forbidden knowledge advantage and knowledge that is not available in the land that you live.

Sensation [Social] (3 points)
You are capable of enrapturing the crowd, no matter the circumstances. whenever you would be required to make a skill roll using a perform skill you do not possess, you are considered to have 1 rank in that skill for the purpose of exploding dice. Elf characters may purchase this Advantage for 1 point less.

Servant [Material] (4 points)
A servant has been assigned to assist you by someone of a higher status than you, or possibly one whose help you purchased with your own resources in order to make life a little bit easier. You may have a maximum number of servants equal to twice your status rank plus one. Different kinds of servants have different useful abilities and can more easily be supplied from certain places. Typically, a servant has all traits at rank 2 and a single skill at rank 3. You may add additional skill ranks or emphases to a servant at the time the advantage is purchased by paying 2 additional points per skill rank or emphasis. Consult the following table for sample servants and their cost.

Servant Notable Abilities
Artisan One artisan skill at 3
Attendant Etiquette (conversation) 3
Warrior One weapon skill at 3
Craftsman One craft skill at 32
Doctor Medicine 3
Groom Animal handling (horses) 3
Merchant Commerce (appraisal) 3
Scribe One lore skill at 3
Duelist Dueling 3
Priest Lore: Religion (Pick one God) 3
Mage Spellcraft 3

Shadowed Heart [Mental] (5 Points)
You have trained your mind to be nigh-inscrutable to those who surround you. Rolls made to discern your true intentions or motivations, including Dialogue Skill rolls and Spell Casting Roll for any spells which might lay bare your thoughts, have their TN increased by +5.

Silent [Physical] (3 points)
You have a natural talent for moving silently at all times. You add +1k0 to the total of all stealth rolls.

Social adept [Mental & Social] (3 Points)
Your a naturally a social person and find it easy to adapt to any social situation. Any time that you would be forced to make an unskilled roll when using a Dialogue skill, you are instead considered to have 1 rank in that Dialogue skill for the purpose of exploding dice. Elf’ and half-elf’ characters of the Dusk bloodline and ogre characters may purchase this Advantage for 1 point less.

Social position [Social] (6 points/Rank)
You have received an Grand social appointment, whether through your own accomplishments or purely because of political reasons. This Advantage may be purchased multiple times, increasing your Status by one rank each time. You must pick one place where the status applies when you take this advantage.

Sorcerer/Sorceress [Arcane] (Points 30)
Your blood is bursting with magical energies, so much in fact that it is noticeable on your body, how is up to you, but the effects can be glowing eyes or hair in unnatural colours, shimmering aura or slightly odd skin colour. But no matter how your look, you have a natural ability to cast spells with out having to learn the art of spellcraft, nor need to spend week to learn spells. The rules for this advantage is in the arcane rules.

Sorcerer/Sorceress Singuli [Arcane] (Points 20)
Sorcerer Singuli, also known as Lesser Sorcerers or Unus Sorcerers are like their more powerful brethren able to cast spells with out the need for dedicated studies on the arcane arts. Unfortunately they are as stated, weaker than other sorcerers. Their only able to draw spells from one form of Mancy and have access to fewer spells. In game terms when this advantage is purchased the player must chose one Mancy such as fire or life, they can only acquire spells from that Mancy or spells that aren’t aligned to a school, such as blink. Unlike their more powerful brethren a Sorcerer Singuli do not multiply their magic ring by two. They gain each magic ring rank added together.

Spy Network [Social] (10 Points)
You have access to an intelligence network that can provide you with a variety of covert information and ONLY for information, the people who are in the network will not do any form of physical work, especially if it may be dangerous. Once per session you can for free contact your spy network and acquire one piece of useful information that would otherwise be unavailable, you can attempt to gain more information by making Lore: Underground/Intelligence against a TN of 20. This will allow you to gain one more piece of information. For every additional piece of information you gain the TN Increases with 10. Once you stop or fail, you can not attempt to contact your network for the next week plus a number of additional weeks equal to the number of attempts to gather more information, these weeks must pass before the network can be used again. The GM has the final say on what you learn, but it will always be something useful to your current endeavours. This Advantage cannot be used in environments where it would be impossible to make contact with your spy network (Wandering the desert, exploring the woods, etc).

Soul of artistry [Mental] (4 points)
Your soul soars with the spirit of creativity. Choose either artisan skills or craft skills when purchasing this advantage. any time that you would be required to make an unskilled roll using a skill of the chosen type, you are considered to have 1 rank in that skill for the purpose of exploding dice.

Strategist [Mental] (5 points)
You have studied varius strategic treatises and gained an instinctive grasp of their philosophies regarding the art of war. You understand the necessity of maintaining focus on the larger picture, of seeing each battle as part of a greater campaign, and how these will contribute to achieving your strategic objectives. If your character is the commander of an army or one of its senior subordinate commanders (for example, the commander of the vanguard, or of an entire wing of the main body), or is part of the commander’s staff, then your side receives a +2k0 bonus to the battle (mass combat)/perception roll made to determine who is winning each battle turn. You also receive a +1k0 bonus to any other battle skill roll you make during a mass battle turn.

Strength of the Earth [Physical] (3 points)
You can overcome injuries that would cripple other men. The TN penalties you suffer from wound ranks are reduced by 3.

Student of the Temple [Mental] (6 points)
You have studied among the older Priests of your Deity and as a result you understand your Deity slightly better than most. When you roll to learn a new Prayer you gain a +1k1. You also start the game with four additional prayers, using the same rules for Character Creation when picking them. How ever, you don’t know these prayers and you must spend time to learn them as stated in the rules.

Tactician [Mental] (4 points)
You have a mind well suited to the ebb and flow of battle. When making a roll on the mass battle table, you may increase or decrease your result by 5.

Ties of Fate [Divine] (1-5 points)
Your string of Fate is knotted together with that of another, why you can not say. Select one person when purchasing this advantage. For each point spent on this advantage, you will gain an additional bonus of +1k1, in addition to the basic +1k1 when spending Fate points to the total of all rolls made when protecting the person to whom you are bonded in any way.

Voice [Physical] (3 points)
You have a voice that others find pleasing in virtually every respect. You gain a bonus of +1k1 on any perform skill roll that utilizes your voice, such as perform: singing or perform: oratory.

Wealthy [Material](1 point/rank)
Your family or the family you married in to is particularly wealthy and they have granted you additional resources to do as you please with. For each point spent on this advantage, you gain 50 additional Silver coins, to be added to the amount in your starting outfit.

Warrior Hands [Physical] (3 points)
You possess a natural affinity for weapons of all kinds, and can take up even an unfamiliar blade without difficulty in times of stress. Any time that you would be forced to make an unskilled roll when using a Weapon skill, you are instead considered to have 1 rank in that weapon skill for the purpose of exploding dice. Orc and half-orc characters may purchase this Advantage for 1 point less.

Wary [Mental] (3 points)
You are constantly on alert, always looking out for the unexpected. when rolling investigation (notice) / perception against stealth (ambush) / agility to detect an ambush, you add +1k1 to your roll.

Way of the Land [Mental] (2 points)
You are intimately familiar with a particular region, having travelled it extensively to the point that you know it as well as the interior of your own house. Select the lands of one City, Location, or some other reasonably sized region. while you are within that region, it is not possible for you to get lost, and you know the location of any available resources to be found there. Elf’ and half-elf’ characters of the Wood and Dawn bloodline characters may purchase this Advantage for 1 point less.

Well-Connected [Social] (3 points per Rank)
Choose one Faction, Court, Place or Organisation when you purchase this Advantage. One time each session per level of the Advantage, you may roll Speech / Awareness at TN 20. If successful, you gain the benefit of one minor favour from someone else at with in that Faction. This favour should not be something that inconveniences the benefactor, and it will only be a small piece of information (e.g. “the faction leader intends to go hunting tomorrow”) or a simple bit of assistance (“I assigned you to a later guard shift”). The favour, however, will always be useful to some task you are currently pursuing. Of course this advantage only works when the Faction, Court, Place or Organisation can actually be contacted. Dusk elf’s and Ogres may purchase this Advantage for one point less.


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