Divine Boons

Mortals that live their life in accordance with a Deities beliefs and values, acts in a way that is aligned with a Deities Domains or simply draws the attention of a Deity though noteworthy deeds could find themselves Blessed. These Boons are a sign of divine favour and grants the Blessed aid, be it in a physical, mental, martial or otherworldly ways. Most commonly found on the devoted servants of Deities, Boons are not exclusive to Holy men and women. A warrior who cares deeply for his weapons and always strives to win is just as likely to be Blessed by Urrvos as a member of the Deities priesthood.

Obtaining Boons

How a mortal receives these Boons varies. Acquired thought a dreams, given to them by a Deities messenger or some rare times the Deity appears personally to bestow them. Regardless how a Mortal receives their Boon, a mark will present itself on their flesh. The most common is the Deities own symbol; but not necessarily. These marks can appear anywhere, but frequently shows up on the chest, cheek, cheekbone, forehead, neck, palm or back of the hand. No proper devote would ever willingly cover this Blessed mark, nor do the deity look favourably upon those that hide it with out reason.

The power of the Boons varies, improve mental faculties, aid in the heat of combat, the Deities pure might manifested or greater physical exertion.

Regardless of it’s effect, all Boons possess a Mastery Level, which determines which Favoured Trait is required and at what rank. A character compares the relevant Trait to the Mastery Level. If it meets or exceeds the Mastery Level, he may acquire that Boon by paying the Mastery Level in Experience points. A character with the Religion Skill may adds half his Religion Skill Rank to the calculation. Some boons require that the character has a Ring at a certain rank instead of a Trait.

It’s not just Mortals that have a requirement to meet for boon, Deities are also limited in what boons they can actually bestow. Just like with Prayers, each boon has a Domain Alignment. So only Deities that has that specific Domain Alignment can bestow that boon on to a mortal.
Game Masters are able to grant free Boons if they feel that a Deity would bless a player for their actions or deeds. It’s up to the Game Masters desecration if a player should receive a free Boon.

The fickle nature of Deities

Deities are fickle things, as likely to grant Boons as they are to take them away and players should discuss with their Game Master if they are eligible for one before purchase. As having the required Ring Rank is technically not enough. A character should also have achieved something or lived a life that the Deity would be willing bless them for. This of course is optional if the game master wants a less rule heavy game.

Player should also be aware that Game Master are allowed to take the Boons away if a player angers the Deity that Blessed them and that the Experience points are still spent. But a player is able to regain the Boon by repenting or appeasing the Deity in question. This could even be an entire adventure on it’s own!

But some acts are so insulting or infuriating that a Deity curses the Blessed instead, this also makes the Boon permanently unavailable until the curse is lifted. A Game Masters should consider carefully before cursing their players.

Domain Alignment

Air Fauna Destruction Might
Water Flora Community Death
Fire Creation Protection Life
Earth Knowledge Weather Change
Freedom Law Luck Repose
Madness Travel Charm Deception
Glory Entropy Conflict Restoration

Battle Mastery

  • Trait/Mastery: Willpower or Awareness 4
  • Domain Alignment: Conflict
    With in the ocean of chaos that is battle the Blessed becomes a island of calm. When in a Mass Battle the Blessed can move freely from any Level of Engagement and when rolling, be it as the army’s commander or as a participant, he may add his Battle skill to the final roll. The Blessed may also reduce the wounds he suffers when in Mass Combat by his Battle Skill, down to a minimum of one.

Blazing Renown

  • Trait/Mastery: Agility or Strength 4
  • Domain Alignment: Glory
    Fame, both good and bad, is a good tool for those who know how to use it. With this boon the Blessed can draw upon his renown to strengthen him and his actions. Once per day plus half his Religion skill rounded up, the Blessed can add his two highest Renown Ranks to any one roll of his choosing. The Blessed also looses Renown Points at a slower rate than most, half the normal time. Renown Ranks are still lost at the normal rate.

Blessing of Air

  • Ring/Mastery: Air 4
  • Domain Alignment: Air
    The Blessed no longer take the same amount of damage from falling and his jumps become longer than should ever be possible. When taking damage from falling he only takes one third of the damage, rounded down, regardless of the hight. Jumping in any direction is also doubled and the number of raises needed to do the Push or Knockdown manoeuvre against him is increased by one. The Blessed can also choose to ether add his twice Air Ring to his Armour TN when in the Defence Stance or reduce the Armour TN bonus his enemies receive when attacking in the Defence stance. The Blessed chooses which bonus he uses when he declares what stance he takes.

Blessing of Earth

  • Ring/Mastery: Earth 4
  • Domain Alignment: Earth
    No natural disaster of the earth can harm the Blessed. Be they earthquakes, landslides, cave ins, you name it. No amount of stone or dirt will break the Blessed skin or bones. Only divine or arcane means of controlling the earth can harm him, he also ignores any need for air. If the Blessed can’t free himself then he can enter a sleep like trance until someone finds him or his Deity frees him (Something that can take years or even decades). During this time the Blessed don’t need to fear for food or water. Also when entering the Full Defence Stance the Blessed can use his Stamina Trait or Earth Ring instead of his Reflex Trait.

Blessing of Fire

  • Ring/Mastery: Fire 4
  • Domain Alignment: Fire
    The Blessed takes no damage from mundane fire, lava, magma or molten metals and don’t need to worry about inhaling smoke or any intense heat. Magical or Divine fire, smoke or heat still hurts the character. Cloths or anything else flammable on him is protected from burning up. The Blessed also gets an additional 1k1 Fire on all Damage rolls in the Full Attack Stance.

Blessing of Water

  • Ring/Mastery: Water 4
  • Domain Alignment: Water
    The Blessed can now breath underwater as easily as on land. As long as the boon remains the Blessed never needs to worry about drowning or the pressure of the water. The Blessed has a swimming speed equal to his normal movement plus his Water Ring. This boon will not protect the Blessed from boiling or freezing water. Finally the Blessed needs to spend one full rounds purging their lunges of ether substance, during this time they lose any Natural Armour TN they may have. The Blessed also receive a Free Raise on all Manoeuvres while in the Attack Stance.

Blood Aegis

  • Trait/Mastery: Perception or Awareness 4
  • Domain Alignment: Community
    With a touch the Blessed can now mark any people he considers his Kin with a touch, be it his actual blood relatives or his childhood companions. When those that he marked are in danger the Blessed immediately knows. Not what type of life threatening danger, not what just that their in it. The Blessed can also home in on the those he marked, while he doesn’t know exact location. He has a general sense where they are. The Blessed also gains a number of ranks in the Swift Special rule equal to his Air or Water Ring, when making his way to the marked target. Finally when the Blessed makes the Guard Manoeuvre and targets one of the people he’s marked, they increase their TN by 20 instead of 10.

Boundless Beauty

  • Trait/Mastery: Awareness or Stamina 4
  • Domain Alignment: Charm
    The Blessed is graced with a refined allure, becoming more attractive than they once where. The Blessed gains the Beautiful / Handsome Advantage, if the have that they gain gain an additional 1k0 bonus on all Speech, Temptation, Etiquette. The bonus gained from the Beautiful / Handsome Advantage now applies to all people, regardless if they find you or your race attractive or not.

Chaotic Mind-Scape

  • Trait/Mastery: Intelligence or Willpower 4
  • Domain Alignment: Madness
    The mind of the Blessed becomes a cracked and chaotic, letting the Blessed think in a way that would make most mortals go insane. While the Blessed is completely unaffected by this change. Any one trying to read or affect his mind, with mundane, magical or divine ways, finds a almost impossible maze to contend with. Any spell or prayer that would affect the Blessed mind has it’s casting TN increased by 20. Finally when the Blessed is required to make a contested Social, Willpower or Intelligence roll he may add his Intelligence or Willpower Trait to the final roll.

Consort of Devastation

  • Trait/Mastery: Strength or Agility 4
  • Domain Alignment: Destruction
    The Blessed becomes a vessel for annihilation, and he needs only spend a little effort to destroy anything in his path. When ever the Blessed deals damage he deals and additional 2k2. Also any object the Blessed tires to destroy or tear down looses half of it’s reduction rounded down, if the object is destroyed its destroyed such a manner that it’s impossible to repair. If the object where for example a tower that would do additional damage to surrounding buildings and people, all bonuses that the boon gives the Blessed are also applies to that object.

Divine Diversion

  • Trait/Mastery: Reflex or Intelligence 4
  • Domain Alignment: Deception
    The body and mind of the Blessed becomes enhanced in such a way that they can avoid blows with ease and trick opponent’s with no effort at all. For as long as the Blessed has this boon he doubles his Parry TN. And the number of raises needed to do the Feint and Disarm Manoeuvres is reduced to one Raise.

Divine Resilience

  • Trait/Mastery: Stamina or Strength 4
  • Domain Alignment: Protection
    Infused with divine power, the Blessed becomes a impenetrable stronghold, granting him total protection against all mundane disease and infection. And against non-magical weapons he gains a AR of 1 that stacks with whatever armour the Blessed wears.

Elemental Endurance

  • Trait/Mastery: Stamina or Willpower 4
  • Domain Alignment: Weather
    The skin of the Blessed becomes hard and tough, while his nerves becomes callous to cold or heat. The Blessed gains the Elemental Resistance Advantage, if he already has it he gains and additional 1k1 reduction on all damage done by natural forces. The Blessed also chooses a type of weather (Sunny, rainy, cloudy etc) when in this weather the Blessed count as having the Hardy Special Rule equal to his Earth Ring Rank minus two, to a minimum of one.

Floral Veil

  • Trait/Mastery: Perception or Agility 4
  • Domain Alignment: Flora
    Once surrounded with vegetation the Blessed merges with it becoming almost invisible to the naked eye, this includes any gear on his person. When the Blessed is required to make a contested roll to remain hidden while surrounded enough flora to cover at least half of him, he receives a total of three free raises. The Blessed also ignores any movement penalty that would be applied by moving through vegetation.

Lightning Steps

  • Trait/Mastery: Stamina or Agility 4
  • Domain Alignment: Travel
    The Blessed finds that after a short while concentrating he can achieve speeds only available to powerful beasts or Nature Beings. By spending a Complex Move Action the Blessed is able to move a distance equal to his Water Ring x 100 M. This effect lasts for an entire day, essentially allowing the Blessed to travel from the most distant city. If the Blessed stop for more than one minute, the effect ends. When the effect ends, the Blessed collapse into an exhausted state and can take no physical actions for a period of twelve hours, minus the Blessed’s Earth Ring.

Mind Unbound

  • Trait/Mastery: Intelligence or Willpower 4
  • Domain Alignment: Knowledge
    The Blessed finds that his thoughts are clear, precise and that any mystery before him is easily solved. When the Blessed tries to create a new Prayer or Spell he halves the time it takes, rounded up, to create a new one from the ground up. Finally the Blessed receives a free raise on all Rolls where he uses his Intelligence, Awareness or Willpower Trait.

Notion of Perfection

  • Trait/Mastery: Perception or Intelligence 4
  • Domain Alignment: Creation
    Any finished objects made by the Blessed are as close to perfection as is possible by mortal hands. When a character gets this boon the player chooses one Craft skill that the character possesses or any skill that would create something tangible (Final say goes to the Game Master). The Blessed is considered to have the Great Potential Advantage for that skill. If the Blessed already has that advantage he gets a free raise on all rolls with that Skill. For as long as the Blessed possess this boon he receives one additional free raise for each raise he calls before a roll with the chosen skill. These free Raises are only added to the roll if the Blessed actually succeeds.

Perfect Frame

  • Trait/Mastery: Stamina or Agility 4
  • Domain Alignment: Restoration
    The next morning the Blessed finds that all missing body parts, be it an eye, ear, hand or leg, has grown back. Negating the effects of any such disadvantage (if the Blessed was born blind, deaf, mute or so on he remains so) until he looses the boon. If the Blessed where to lose any body part it will grow back after a full nights rest (8 or more hours of sleep). This boon will not stop the Blessed from getting killed if his head or body is destroyed or if he bleeds to death.

Power Unbound

  • Trait/Mastery: Strength or Stamina 4
  • Domain Alignment: Might
    The body of the Blessed looses all unnecessary fat and his muscles grow and becomes far more defined. The Blessed reduces any penalties from carrying to much or wearing armour by half rounded up. The Blessed also receives a bonus of 1k1 on all Combat Skill Rolls, the Crossbow and Archery skill excluded. All damage rolls is also increased by 0k1.

Prime Authority

  • Trait/Mastery: Intelligence or Awareness 4
  • Domain Alignment: Law
    The words and judgements of the Blessed becomes more respected and the Blessed himself finds that he can easily tell the truth from falsehood. When using a Dialogue skill or any Skill with the Social Keyword to convince others of the truth he receives a bonus of 2k2, he can also applies this bonus when making a contested Speech (Sense Motive or Sincerity) Skill Roll. Finally any Renown Points received from doing something lawful (Stopping a murderer, proving a persons innocence etc) is doubled.

Restore Vitality

  • Trait/Mastery: Stamina or Intelligence 4
  • Domain Alignment: Life
    The hands of the Blessed becomes a conduit for life. When rolling to recover Wounds when using the Medicine (Wound Treatment) skill, the Blessed rolls an additional 1k1. The Blessed can also transfer any wounds on to himself with a touch, this takes one Complex Action per 5 wounds transferred. This boon will not restore lost limbs unless they can be reattached. Transferring wounds is only a one to one exchange if the target is Lightly Wounded. If the target is Moderately Injured then Blessed receives twice the number of wounds. Three time the number of wounds if the target is Heavily Injured. If someone has recently died, less than an hour ago, then the the Blessed can return them to life. But it is dangerous thing to defy the circle of life and death and as such the Blessed takes five times the wounds he restores. He must also be able to bring the target up to the Down Wound Rank, otherwise the target dies again.

Strides Unbound

  • Trait/Mastery: Agility or Reflex 4
  • Domain Alignment: Freedom
    The Blessed find purchases on all surfaces, be it walls, roofs or anything in between. Letting him ignore climb rolls and any nausea that would come with it. While the Blessed can now ignore gravity and walk between ground, walls and roofs with a single step. He will still fall if his body stops touching it and any momentum that he has gathers while falling remains, should he find any purchase before hitting the ground. Thus requiring a roll to hold on.

The Wheel Rolls Calmly

  • Trait/Mastery: Reflex or Awareness 4
  • Domain Alignment: Repose
    Just as the Wheel of life and death must remain calm, the Blessed’s mind remains undaunted in the face of chaos. While his blows send the living dead back to the Wheel with great speed. The Blessed receives a bonus of 2k1 on all rolls to resist when someone or something tries to effect his emotions. Lastly all damage the Blessed deals to Undead is increased by 2k2 and any undead the blessed kills can’t be raised as living dead.

Tongue of Beasts

  • Trait/Mastery: Awareness or Perception 4
  • Domain Alignment: Fauna
    The Blessed finds that he understand the animals around him. While they don’t speak the characters language, they understand the animals postures, scents and sounds as if they spoke to them. This boon won’t change the animals nature, they will listen to the Blessed for a while, before going back to their default reaction, whatever it was before. This boon also gives the Blessed a 1k1 bonus to calming or simply dealing with domesticated or tamed animals.

Touch of the Wheel

  • Trait/Mastery: Perception or Awareness 4
  • Domain Alignment: Death
    The Blessed is given the ability to see ghosts even when they choose not to show themselves. The Blessed also ignores the Ethereal and Ethereal, partial Special rules that any undead may have. Any Undead will also ignore the Blessed unless directly ordered to attack him.

Transformation of Self

  • Trait/Mastery: Any Ring at 4
  • Domain Alignment: Change
    The body of the Blessed becomes malleable like clay. With a small ritual (Taking the form of a long meditation session in a calm area) taking around an ten hours minus the Blessed’s highest Ring. Once done the Blessed can move all his Traits around. This change remains until the boons is ether lost or the Blessed goes through the ritual again. If the Blessed ends up with a Battle Style, Boon or anything else that requires a Trait of a certain rank, then it becomes unavailable to the Blessed until he meets all the requirements. Buying new Boons, Battle Styles or anything else with switched Traits, the Blessed must meet all the requirements with his Traits at their normal position. If the Blessed wishes to increase a Trait that has been switched, he must purchase the new rank as if the Trait was at its normal Rank. The Blessed can also after doing the ritual spend Experience points to remove Disadvantages or purchase Advantages with the Physical Keyword. If the Boon is lost then these Advantages or Disadvantages are lost and the Experience points spent are not refunded.

Vitality from Deterioration

  • Trait/Mastery: Willpower or Strength
  • Domain Alignment: Entropy
    The Blessed finds strength from entropy. When the Blessed becomes the target of a Spell, Special Ability, Battle Style or Prayer that would reduce any of his Traits, Rings, Skills or Armour TN he instead increases them by half for one hour. Physically he still appears to be affected by the Spell, Special Ability, Battle Style etc.

Divine Boons

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