Fate and Destiny

The things mortals call fate and destiny is poorly understood. Fate is considered to be a power that acts when a mortal should succeed on a task in front of them, where as destiny is when mortals are meant to succeed no matter what. The exact nature of fate and destiny is as most things linked to Gaia poorly understood. But it appears that she pulls the strings of Fate and Destiny too give her children a chance to succeed.

Fate and Destiny are linked to one another, you can not have more faith points than you have destiny points. Fate is used and comes back, one point every week. Destiny on the other hand when used does not come back unless the player does one of these things, finishing a plot point, killing a great beast, surviving really hard battles or anything the GM thinks should give destiny points.


  • Re-roll a Skill, Trait, Ring, or Spell Casting roll once per roll, the second result must be kept even if it’s worse.
  • Gain a bonus of +1k1 to a Skill, Trait, Ring, or Spell Casting roll (the Fate Point expenditure must be declared prior to the roll being made). Damage Rolls may not be enhanced in this manner.
  • Temporarily increase his rank in a Skill from 0 to 1, avoiding Unskilled Roll penalties.
    Reduce the amount of Wounds suffered from one source of damage by 10 (this must be done immediately after the damage total is announced).
    Increase his Armour TN by 10 for one round. This is done at the beginning of the combat Round.
  • Exchange his Initiative Score with one willing target for the remainder of the current skirmish. This is done at the beginning of the combat Round. Only one of the two characters needs to spend a Fate point for this effect to take place.
  • Increase his Initiative Score by 10 for the duration of the current skirmish. This is done at the beginning of the combat Round.
  • Immediately make one complex action during someone else turn. This must be declared before any rolls are made.


  • You may declare directly after the total result is finished and after you have founds out if he fail or succeed on the roll to imminently increase the total amount by +10, other players may also do this to also increase the players final result but then the bonus us just +5.
    You may declare to gain one additional full round after your current one. This must be done in the beginning of your turn.
  • If you feel stuck at one point in the adventure, you can petition the GM for a hint about what to do next. If the GM feels that there is no information to be gained, the Destiny point is not burned.
  • You may ask your GM to be allowed to do something that’s normally not possible, like casting a spell that’s one rank higher or a non spell caster casting a level 1 spell. It can be anything and if a roll is required then the TN will also be lowered.
  • A character may burn two Destiny points to cheat death. How this plays out is up to the GM, but generally the character is left alive, at the brink of death but stable. This only works for the character, the character can how even burn three Destiny point to prevent the death of one of there companions. But not a npc’s.
  • You may burn four Destiny points to automatically succeed on one roll or action of your choice, if the GM agrees. A dice roll that don’t have TN to beat will instead count as a if you rolled 10 on all dices once.

Fate and Destiny

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