Arcane Spells

Arcane spell descriptions

The descriptions of individual spells contain the following information:

  • Mastery Rank: This indicates Mastery Level of the spell. The Mastery level determines the difficulty of the Spell Casting roll required to cast the spell, how hard it is to learn and how long it will take. Any keywords a spell might have are listed in parentheses after its Mastery Rank. Mechanical effects, especially ths spellcraft emphasis, involve spell keywords.
  • Range: This indicates the maximum possible distance the spell’s effect can reach. The notation Personal indicates that the spell originates from the caster and affects an area described in the Area of Effect descriptor.
  • Area of Effect: This describes either the area that the effect covers, or the target of the spell (if it specifi cally targets something). The notation Self indicates that the effect is limited to the caster.
  • Duration: This describes how long the spell lasts, either in rounds or by a specific time interval. Instantaneous indicates that the spell happens in an instant, with no duration beyond its immediate effect. Concentration indicates that the effect lasts only as long as the caster focuses attention on it.
  • Raises: Each spell lists ways in which the effect can be enhanced by a successful Raise. These are in increments, and require a single Raise unless otherwise specified. For example, the notation “Range (+10 M)” indicates that each Raise declared toward increasing the spell’s range increases it by 10 meters.

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Arcane Spells

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