L5R High Fantasy Rule Rewrite

Update 004
  1. Finished and added more racial DisAdvantages
  2. added Reduced starvation to the Naga Race
  3. Changed the Swimmer & Desert Scales Racial advantage for naga
  4. Added the new defence skill and defence rules
  5. Added the new skill types.
  6. Sorted and added a few new battle styles
  7. updated the arcane rules with the new defence system
  8. Changed the first mastery rank for spears.
Update 003
  1. Added the jumping emphasis to athletics skill
Update 002
  1. Added so sorcerers can remove their spells and get a refund on their points when they increase their magic ring rank.
  2. Changed all feet to meters.
  3. changed Blessing of a God advantage to Favoured Soul
  4. Added a cost reduction on Worenius favour for elfs.
  5. Changed Tovo’s Favour to a complete re-roll instead of re-rolling only 1.
  6. changed Favoured souls name to Empowered Element and removed all words relating to deity’s.
  7. changed the calculation of Mana Soul making it more useful
Update 001
  1. Added more description to Renown & Status
  2. Changed the name of Renown & Status to Renown, Infamy, & Status
  3. Added the sling emphasis to Athletics skill
  4. Added three new Battle Styles to the Battle Styles Page
  5. Added the Sling, Pitchfork & Torch as weapons
  6. Moved text around in the Equipment, Weapons page
  7. Finished the Rules for Boons and added them to the Main page
  8. Changed the following Advantages, Inner gifts, Paragon, Attractive, Beautiful / Handsome, Exotic Beauty with minor rewording and change in experience points cost.

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